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Invest online

Investing online with AMP Capital is easy. Choose from a wide range of investment products to help achieve your financial goals and save on the paperwork.


For over 70 years, AMP Capital has been committed to helping clients realise their financial goals by providing access to global investment opportunities. Investing direct provides individual investors online access to the same AMP Capital funds available to institutions from as little as a $2,000 minimum investment - with no advice fees, no administration fees and no platform fees.

Why invest direct with AMP Capital?

Wide range of funds
23 funds covering equities, fixed interest, multi asset, property, infrastructure and responsible investment
Simplified process
Easy online application and verification process, with minimal paperwork
Easy access
Our funds are priced daily and we accept applications/redemptions on a daily basis
Tax benefits
Our funds are PIE-compliant, potentially providing a tax advantage for investors on higher income tax rates

Featured funds

Income Generator Fund

A diversified fund which aims to generate reliable, stable and growing income with capital growth over time. Current annual fixed payout of 4.8% (gross)#.

#Current pay-out is fixed to 31 March 2018. Fixed pay-out resets annually on 1 April.

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Global Listed Infrastructure Fund

Benefit from the potential for long-term global growth and returns with infrastructure assets. Invests in both developed and emerging markets across a range of sectors.

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Core Hedged Global Shares Fund

A simple and easy way to invest in equities across the world's core developed markets. Unhedged option also available.

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Responsible Investment Leaders Balanced Fund

Aims to generate competitive returns within a sustainable and responsible framework. Broad diversification across income and growth assets reduces portfolio volatility.

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Market Watch

Monthly market update - June 2018

AMP Capital’s Investment Strategy team provide you with a monthly rundown of what's been happening in global economies and markets, and what to watch in the months ahead.

Investor education

Seven keys to successful investing

It requires discipline to stay invested through volatile times but investor behaviour often deviates from logic and reason, and investors display many biases that influence their decision-making. This article sets out seven key strategies to help ‘cut through the noise’ and emotional biases, and help you invest more successfully over the long-term.

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Nine common mistakes investors make

In the upside-down world logic that applies to much of investing, there are a bunch of mistakes investors often make which makes it harder for them to reach their financial goals. This note looks it the nine most common mistakes investors make.


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Getting started in managed funds? Your 5-point checklist

One reason why managed funds are increasingly popular in New Zealand is that you don't need thousands of dollars to get started. In fact, you can buy into most managed funds for as little as $2,000. In this article, we explore some benefits of investing in a managed fund and the five things you need to do before making a decision.

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What is infrastructure and why invest?

With governments around the world increasingly looking to the private sector to fund new infrastructure investment, infrastructure is presenting attractive opportunities for investors. Here we explain some of the characteristics of the asset class and the key benefits for investors.


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ESG – Busting the myths

This article outlines how a responsible approach to investing can lead to better investment outcomes and breaks down a few myths surrounding environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis.




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Ways to manage the noise and turn down the worry list

The combination of a massive ramp up in financial information, combined with our natural inclination to zoom in on negative news, is making us worse investors: more fearful, more jittery, more short-term. This article looks at ways to manage the noise and turn down the worry list.


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Why it pays to start investing early

At the time you start your first-full time job, investing and providing for your future may seem like something you do later in life. Then in your 30s there are usually other priorities that we focus on such as paying the rent or mortgage, or saving for holidays. We believe it’s never too early to start investing. In fact, the earlier you start, the more you can make out of compound interest.

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Getting started

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Product Disclosure Statements (PDSs) Cash and Fixed interest Funds dated 30 November 2017, Responsible Investment Leaders Diversified Funds dated 4 August 2017, Property, Infrastructure and Commodities Funds dated 3 April 2017, Global Shares Funds dated 8 November 2017, NZ and Australian Shares Funds dated 8 November 2017, Goals Based Funds dated 12 October 2017 and Index Funds dated 3 April 2017 for the offer of the AMP Capital Investment Funds have been lodged with the Registrar of Financial Service Providers. The PDS documents can be obtained from our website and from the Disclose website Nothing on this page is financial advice for the purposes of the Financial Advisers Act 2008 and any associated regulations. You can seek advice from a financial advisor to help you make an investment decision. The Manager and the Issuer of the Fund is AMP Investment Management (NZ) Limited, Meridian Building, Level 1, Queens Wharf, Wellington.
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