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New Zealand and Australian shares

Shares, also known as equities, are likely to form a large proportion of your portfolio. Over the longer term (five to seven years) investing in shares may provide you with higher returns than other asset classes such as cash or fixed income.

While shares can give you the potential for strong capital growth, the dividends you receive from them can also help smooth your portfolio returns. This is true even when markets are volatile.

New Zealand and Australian equities also offer attractive income opportunities and can give you access to a broad range of industry sectors that can help diversify your portfolio.

New Zealand and Australian shares provide:

  • Flexibility to target capital growth, income or a combination
  • Significant opportunities for active managers to add value
  • An important source of liquidity


Philosophy and process

Investment philosophy

Investment philosophy

We believe equity markets are, by nature, inefficient. The combination of uncertainty and behavioural finance results in stocks frequently diverging from their fundamental value. This is where the real opportunity lies.

Investment process

Investment process

Our process is based on the view that earnings drive equities prices. We have a rigorous and disciplined process of research, valuation and portfolio construction, combined with systematic risk management at every stage. The process is designed to generate sustainable performance above our benchmarks and to deliver superior investment outcomes for our clients.

Investment team

Investment team

The New Zealand and Australian share portfolios are actively managed by experienced portfolio managers and analysts from AMP Capital in Australia (Australian shares) and, from 1 May 2015, Salt Funds Management (New Zealand shares).

Investment options

AMP Capital Australian Shares Fund

Investing in an Australian shares fund provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of Australian shares across a range of industries and sectors

AMP Capital NZ Shares Fund

Investing in a NZ shares fund provides access to a diversified portfolio of predominantly New Zealand listed shares.

AMP Capital Responsible Investment Leaders NZ Shares Fund

Investing responsibly in a NZ shares fund offers the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of listed New Zealand shares which are managed against specific ‘responsible investment’ criteria. This prohibits investments in certain companies or activities and encourages investment in companies with strong environmental, social and ethical characteristics.