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AMP Capital Property Portfolio

How the Fund works

The AMP Capital Property Portfolio (APP) is New Zealand’s largest unlisted property fund with a diversified portfolio of commercial office, industrial, retail and development properties.

How does the Fund meet your needs?

Access to direct property

Access to direct property

The fund provides access to investment opportunities that may otherwise require a large capital outlay and significant acquisition costs if purchased directly.

Broad diversification provides you with access to more investment opportunities

Broad diversification provides you with access to more investment opportunities

Most property investors acknowledge the value of diversification and APP is well diversified by:

  • Sector (commercial office, industrial, retail and development)
  • Geographical spread (Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch)
  • Location (CBD, suburban office, suburban retail and industrial park)
  • Tenant business type (Government, New Zealand and international corporates and significant retailers)
  • Building size, type and value.
Focus on development property opportunities

Focus on development property opportunities

A key strength of APP is its focus on development property opportunities. This gives you the advantage of access to an investment with a strong foothold into the developing government office market and an ongoing focus on the acquisition and development of retail assets.

What are the key risks with this Fund?

Risks specific to the fund include the risks of investing in direct property and the illiquid nature of this form of investment.

Code APP
Type of fund Unit Trust. This fund is a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE).
Investment approach Invests in a diversified portfolio of direct property which consists primarily of interests in commercial, industrial and retail properties
Establishment date  11 March 2008
Distribution frequency n/a
Platform access

This fund is only open to institutional investment