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Investing with AMP Capital

AMP Capital Investors (New Zealand) Limited (AMP Capital) is a specialist investment manager with over $19 billion funds currently under management in New Zealand (as at 30 June 2015). As part of the AMP group, AMP Capital shares a history that dates back to 1849. Our experience and leadership across asset classes not only provides insights into ever-changing markets, but also means we are at the forefront of developing contemporary investment solutions for clients.  In New Zealand AMP Capital offers a range of managed funds to wholesale investors as well as providing selected funds to advisers.  AMP Capital Funds are also offered to investors through a number of distribution partners.
Our team of investment professionals and network of global partners operate across a broad range of asset classes including fixed income, equities, listed property, infrastructure, multi-asset and multi-manager solutions, and dynamic asset allocation services.  We also provide goals based investment solutions and a range of responsible investments.
AMP Capital does not provide Kiwisaver investment options directly to investors.  But you can still invest your Kiwisaver with AMP Capital via AMP’s Kiwisaver investment options.  To find out more about investing in Kiwisaver visit or call AMP on 0800 267 5494.
Advisers can now access a select range of funds from AMP Capital by establishing a distribution agreement with us.  You can find out more about the range of funds here.  If you would like to talk to AMP Capital about establishing a distribution agreement, or more generally about the investment funds AMP Capital offers, please call us on 0800 400 499.
You should talk to your financial adviser about investing in AMP Capital Investment Funds. Advisers can access a select range of AMP Capital funds through a number of platforms and wrap services.  You can also invest in selected AMP Capital Investment Funds through RaboDirect

General information about investing

Wholesale or institutional investors are generally organisations that have large sums of money to invest. Typical investors include banks, insurance companies, retirement or superannuation funds, investment advisers and managed funds.
Goals based investing is about helping investors meet their specific personal and lifestyle goals. The aim is to provide investment solutions that focus on outcomes and that are strongly aligned with investors’ goals, rather than outperformance of market indices.
Responsible investment is a term used to describe an investment process which takes environment, social, governance (ESG) or ethical considerations into account. This process is incorporated into, or is in addition to, the usual fundamental investment selection and management process.