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Real assets

Learn more about the opportunities in global listed property and infrastructure investment

As specialists in real asset investments, AMP Capital offers you a real opportunity.

In the current low growth, low-yield environment investors are increasingly searching for alternative sources of income. Real assets are uniquely placed to potentially provide consistent sources of income, sustainable growth and lower volatility relative to traditional growth assets.

From the first skyscraper in the southern hemisphere, to the first Real Estate Investment Trusts in Asia, and investing in key infrastructure projects around the world, AMP Capital is a leader in real asset investments.

Where do real assets sit on the risk curve?

Real assets such as infrastructure and property are considered to be a step up in the risk-return curve from cash and fixed income – without having to take on the risk associated with equities. This means they provide an opportunity to rotate a portion of a portfolio out of equities into a lower-risk investment option.

Why consider real asset investments?

With a low correlation to other asset classes, real assets can reduce risks and increase portfolio diversification.
Regular and reliable income
Real assets such as property and infrastructure often have long-term contracts in place which deliver consistent, inflation-linked returns.
Capital stability
Real assets generally offer capital stability due to inelastic demand and lower volatility relative to equities.
Limited competition
Due to significant economies of scale, some real assets have little or no competition and are therefore extremely defensive.

Asset portfolio

Examples of real assets from around the globe in our portfolios

Empire State Building

A 102-storey skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan. With new investments in energy-efficiency and infrastructure upgrades, the Empire State Building attracts tenants in a diverse array of industries.

Kinder Morgan

Largest energy infrastructure company in North America. Owns an interest in or operates approximately 84,000 miles of pipelines and approximately 180 terminals.

Frankfurt Airport

The busiest airport by passenger traffic in Germany as well as the 4th busiest in Europe and the 12th busiest worldwide in 2015. Over 61 million passengers used the airport in 2015.

Piccadilly Square

Road junction and public space in the City of Westminster. The area connects major sightseeing points such as Trafalgar Square, Soho, Chinatown and Leicester Square, as well as shopping outlets on Regent Street and major entertainment areas such as Theatre Royal.

Meet the managers

Global listed real estate – a world class investment

James Maydew is AMP Capital’s Co-Head of Global Listed Real Estate, based in Sydney. He has over 14 years’ experience in the property investment industry. In this video, James discusses the benefits of investing in global listed property securities and provides insight into the global themes that are currently driving investment opportunities.

Don't tell me this isn't real estate

In this video, James Maydew explains that the returns you receive, and the diversification benefits listed property bring to your portfolio, are the same as physically owning the actual buildings over time. Watch the video to learn more about how investors should be thinking about property at this point in the market cycle, or download the white paper below for more in-depth analysis.

Want to learn more?

You can download several recent white papers which explore the global listed property and global listed infrastructure themes in more depth:


Sharing everything and the last mile - Key social trends changing global real estate

Adaptation and flexible spaces will be pivotal in successful real estate design and management in the next decade, driven by changes in the way people shop, work and socialise. This paper outlines the most significant social trends that we believe will shape global listed real estate over the next five years along with the investment implications for each.

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Safe as Houses? Global real estate is literally exposed to the elements

An age-old assumption is that carefully selected real estate will be a safe harbour in the face of market volatility. In the face of extreme weather events like flooding, cyclones, sea level rises, sustained heat waves and hail storms, this assumption may not hold. Extreme weather patterns can fundamentally change the value of real estate. In the most severe cases, volatile weather patterns can destroy real estate.

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Generation Rent – the symbiosis of apartment REITs and Millennials

A set of structural forces have combined to bestow Generation Y with the unofficial title of ‘Generation Rent’ in direct reference to the high impact change being wrought upon home ownership in the US by this demographic cohort. This paper argues that listed US apartment REITs present an opportunity for investors to benefit from these structural tailwinds.

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Intergenerational theft

As the nations face the challenges resulting from an ageing population, much has been written about the issue of ‘intergenerational theft’. This is the notion that government debt steals from future generations, as the resulting debt imposes risks and costs at the expense of the next generation. Is there any truth to this?

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Global Listed Infrastructure: Not just a bond proxy

This research paper will explore the often misunderstood impact of interest rates on Global Listed Infrastructure and differentiate between the short term impact on equity prices from the long term impact on underlying cash flows and valuation.

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Heartbreak Hotel: Opportunities and challenges posed by the sharing economy

With each month that passes, the impact of accommodation sharing platforms such as Airbnb becomes more pervasive, and its effects on lodging occupancy and pricing power will become more visible. In the listed real estate space, this will manifest in slower revenue growth, and weaker profitability. Fortunately, the competition from providers such as Airbnb will not be felt equally across the industry. This piece seeks to highlight the opportunities and challenges posed by the sharing economy for real estate investors.

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Don't look back in anger

In recent years, global listed real estate has delivered strong relative returns for investors while also heeding the lessons from the last experience of a global economic slowdown. And yet, while the asset class has moved on, asset allocations have not. With elements of weakness in several leading economic indicators and some market participants revising the odds of a global recession risk upwards, this paper explores four key factors contributing to the resilience of global listed real estate as an investment class.

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Investing in the grey boom

Given the power of demographics to fundamentally shape society's demand pattern for all real estate sectors, it should be a key consideration for any long-term investor in the asset class. This white paper explores the potential emergence of senior living as a large, investible sector in Asia, and underscores how real estate can provide investors with access to some of the most meaningful, long-term trends of today.

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The great investment theme of our lives?

Joseph Titmus, Portfolio Manager/Analyst based in London, discusses the attributes of global listed infrastructure and how this can provide investors with stable, reliable and growing income. He argues that while this asset class has exhibited strong growth over the last decade it is still only in its early stages of development.

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Don't tell me this isn't real estate

James Maydew demonstrates that the correlation between listed and direct property increases significantly as the investment horizon lengthens.  The daily liquidity of listed property, however, means it behaves more like equities if they only invest in the short term.

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Our funds

AMP Capital Global Property Securities Fund

A global portfolio of property securities investing in a broad range of regions and sectors through a single fund.

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AMP Capital Global Listed Infrastructure Fund

A well-diversified portfolio investing across geographic regions and infrastructure sectors, with a focus on energy, transportation, communication and water.

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Supporting material

Property at a Glance

A useful tool to help explain the role property plays in an investment portfolio. It also explains the benefits and risks of investing, and how property compares to other asset classes.

Read more

Infrastructure at a Glance

A useful tool to help explain the role infrastructure plays in an investment portfolio. It also explains the benefits and risks of investing, and how infrastructure compares to other asset classes.

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Understanding Property

For those who are looking for a more in-depth understanding of the asset class. Provides an overview of why an investor would invest in property, risk and return characteristics and drivers of performance.

Read more

Understanding Infrastructure

For those who are looking for a more in-depth understanding of the asset class. Provides an overview of why an investor would invest in infrastructure, the characteristics of the asset class and risks of investing.

Read more

The case for Property

Provides a concise overview of compelling reasons for investing in global and New Zealand listed property. In the current environment, listed property securities are uniquely placed to offer investors a good source of stable income and protection against inflation.

Read more

The case for Infrastrucuture

Provides a concise overview of why investors should consider global listed infrastructure. With stable and inflation-linked cashflows, and capital growth potential over the long term, infrastructure can make a good addition to a portfolio.

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